MetaAttack: Leading the New Trend in GameFi

Singapore, 24th Jun 2023 – Game products that will lead the blockchain gaming trend in the future possess the following characteristics: they are easy and simple to play but highly engaging, have a good incentive mechanism, and are convenient for ordinary users to participate. These types of games have the potential to become the new breakthrough point, satisfying users’ passion for gaming, providing addictive gaming experiences, and generating profits for participants. By utilizing both internal and external motivations, these games can attract more users to enter the crypto world.

The upcoming game “MATEATTACK” embodies these qualities. “MATEATTACK” is a “Play to Earn” game based on the marine world, with a “fishing” mechanism as its foundation. It offers a combination of casual and fun gameplay, allowing players to acquire abundant NFT assets and in-game token rewards. The game is developed by Gmatrixs, the first full-chain game distribution platform. All games launched on the Gmatrixs platform will use a common wallet system and asset circulation system, enabling asset interoperability. This background provides significant advantages for “MATEATTACK,” as the development and incubation team possesses deep understanding and design expertise in the gaming industry, along with extensive technical experience and ecological resources as a distribution platform.

Highly engaging gameplay mechanics

“MATEATTACK” offers extremely high replayability. The game’s charm lies in its unpredictability, allowing players to fully utilize their abilities and adapt to various challenges, combined with stimulating random rewards that make the game addictive. “MATEATTACK” is very easy to pick up and play, while providing a diverse range of gameplay options.

“MATEATTACK” is a competitive casual game based on the “competitive fishing” mechanism. Players can purchase cannons and shoot bullets in the ocean, catching fish to earn a large amount of in-game coins, NFTs, and Gmatrixs platform token rewards (GMS). Each cannon is a unique NFT, with a total issuance of ten thousand.

Different-level cannon NFTs have varying attack ranges and bullet quantities. The game’s marine fishing grounds change periodically, and the fish groups correspondingly vary. Different types of fish yield different resources and reward multipliers.

This seemingly simple game possesses timeless appeal and attracted a large number of players even in the Web2 era. According to data, the game’s revenue and user activity are both very high. “MATEATTACK” incorporates the concepts of NFTs and “Play to Earn” into its gameplay mechanics, further enhancing user stickiness.

The game is divided into casual mode and competitive mode. In casual mode, players can view daily task progress, claim online rewards, and receive scrolling marquee broadcasts when hitting high multiplier fish. Players earn score values by spending coins, and when the score reaches a certain threshold, they can activate a “jackpot chance.” Each jackpot allows one investment, and successful outcomes provide a chance for further investment and doubling rewards. Additionally, players can use various items in the game, such as the “Freeze” item, which immobilizes all fish. Players can freely combine items, upgrade cannon equipment, and choose different fishing grounds.

The perfect combination of these foundational elements achieves a low entry barrier with multiple gameplay options, catering to different types of players, and allowing them to fully enjoy the game’s charm.

Profit expectations from multiple incentive mechanisms

In addition to gameplay appeal, the game’s economic model and profit mechanisms are also points of interest for players and investors. In “MATEATTACK,” there are multiple profit mechanisms. Cannon NFTs are divided into different levels, and each level offers different daily gameplay entry limits and profit boost ratios.

In casual mode, players can earn in-game coins and various NFT game assets through fishing. Each cannon has a maximum limit of 100,000 bullets, which refreshes daily. When players run out of bullets, they can exchange them using in-game coins. Additionally, the game provides options to recharge with USDT/BUSD, allowing players to obtain more bullets and enjoy a better gaming experience.

Apart from casual mode, there is also competitive mode. In competitive mode, cannon levels only affect the number of times players can participate, and all players have the same number of bullets and game time. The disparity in cannon levels is leveled out, placing all players on an equal starting line for fishing. This mode tests players’ gaming skills. All users who complete competitive matches will receive GMS airdrop rewards. Additional GMS airdrop rewards will be provided based on competitive rankings and subsequent game activities.

By integrating the concepts of NFTs and “Play to Earn” into an addictive game mechanics, “MATEATTACK” enhances user engagement. The game’s launch disrupts the market by addressing the lack of gameplay in many existing games, while further boosting user stickiness to the Gmatrixs platform and driving overall ecosystem development. By distributing NFT assets to game players in a gamified manner, “MATEATTACK” provides opportunities for early participants. Players interested in early participation can follow Gmatrixs’ official social media and community to secure early access to closed beta testing opportunities.

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