CryptoINK Unveils Multi-Business Platform, Uniting Binance Smart Chain with Versatility

United States, 23rd Oct 2023, King NewsWireCryptoINK, the innovative force in the world of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, proudly launched on 9th FEB 23 its groundbreaking Multi-Business Platform. This platform promises to unlock limitless possibilities and is set to revolutionize the way businesses and individuals engage with the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Dubbed “CryptoINK: Where Binance Smart Chain Meets Multi-Business Brilliance,” this platform is poised to redefine the crypto landscape.

CryptoINK’s Multi-Business Platform brings together a diverse range of features and services, catering to a wide array of needs within the blockchain and cryptocurrency sphere. Here’s a sneak peek into some of the exciting features and benefits that users can expect:

1. Freelancer Platform with Cryptopayments

For freelancers and businesses, CryptoINK offers a secure and efficient platform with the ability to transact in cryptocurrencies. With an 8% commission on freelancer service prices, CryptoINK ensures a streamlined experience for both clients and freelancers.

2. Native Token “CIK” Staking

CIK token holders can stake their tokens with CryptoINK’s dedicated Staking Dapp. With a low 0.5% stake fee, a daily earnings rate of 0.1%, and a potential annual reward of 36%, this staking opportunity is designed to benefit CIK holders significantly.

3. NFT Marketplace

CryptoINK’s NFT marketplace provides a platform for artists and creators to showcase and sell their digital assets. What makes it unique is that the platform’s fees are collected in CIK tokens, with 50% allocated for burning and 50% distributed to CIK holders.

4. AI Customer Support Solution

CryptoINK’s AI-driven customer support service ensures that users receive prompt assistance and information. A remarkable 30% of the benefits are collected monthly and distributed to CIK holders.

5. AI Text to Image Creator on Telegram

CryptoINK’s AI Text to Image Creator is the latest AI innovation that allows users to turn text prompts into stunning visuals with a simple “/create” command on Telegram. Notably, 50% of the benefits will be used to buy CIK tokens and burn them, with 30% shared with CIK holders and 20% retained by CryptoINK.

6. Merchandise Partner Shops

CryptoINK’s partnership program opens up opportunities for users to earn, 25% of the benefits from partner product sales is distributed with 5% to Charity, and from the 20% – 30% will be shared amongst CIK holders through upcoming Loyalty program, while the rest is allocated to the CryptoINK platform.

7. SWAP, Booking Search Platform, and Loyalty Program

CryptoINK offers a host of additional services, including a SWAP platform, a Booking Search Platform with exclusive deals for CIK token holders, and an upcoming Loyalty Program set to reward CIK holders even further.

Benefits for CIK Holders through the Economic System

CIK token holders stand to gain significantly from their investment, with exclusive discounts on the Booking Search Platform, staking opportunities, NFT marketplace earnings, and a host of other benefits.

CryptoINK’s vision extends beyond its platform, with partnerships that include French Connection Finance & FCF PAY Crypto payment System, World Of Rewards, Flooz Trade (allowing users to buy CIK with credit/debit cards), NULS Chain, WE Give Crypto (a charity partner), and Analytix Audit Company.

As CryptoINK continues to expand and innovate, it remains committed to providing comprehensive support to its users. The platform’s various features and services are complemented by a robust AI support system that can be easily integrated with websites, offering a personalized and efficient user experience.

Why Choose CryptoINK AI Chat Support?
CryptoINK’s AI Chat Support is designed to be user-friendly, allowing website owners, project managers, and business operators to customize it to their specific needs without any coding. With 24/7 availability, this support system offers precise and timely responses, enhancing the user experience and delivering comprehensive information and assistance.

CryptoINK AI Text to Image Generator
CryptoINK’s AI Text to Image Generator is set to transform the NFT creation landscape. By combining text prompts and cutting-edge AI technology, users can create visually captivating NFTs with ease. The platform’s daily creation limit ensures quality and scalability as the user base grows.

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CryptoINK is setting new standards in the world of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, offering a diverse range of services and benefits for its users. As the platform continues to grow and innovate, it stands as a testament to the ever-expanding possibilities within the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem.
About CryptoINK
CryptoINK is a dynamic and innovative blockchain and cryptocurrency platform that offers a wide range of services, including a Freelancer Platform, NFT Marketplace, AI-driven support solutions, and more. With a strong commitment to its community, CryptoINK continues to evolve and expand, offering unparalleled benefits to its users.

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