Distinguished Faculty Member of the University of Southern California, Ali Abbas, Advocates Ethical Decision-Making with Groundbreaking Framework for Global Impact

Los Angeles, CA, 2nd November 2023, ZEX PR WIRERenowned professor Ali Abbas, an esteemed figure within the University of Southern California’s Industrial and Systems Engineering department and the School of Public Policy, has unveiled a groundbreaking framework aimed at fostering ethical decision-making on a global scale. With an illustrious career marked by scholarly contributions and transformative collaborations, Abbas has emerged as a leading authority in the realm of decision-making and ethics.

Ali Abbas, recognized for his prolific literary contributions, is the co-author of notable works such as “Foundations of Decision Analysis” (co-authored with Ronald A. Howard), “Foundations of Multiattribute Utility,” “Next-Generation Ethics,” “Improving Homeland Security Decisions,” and “Ethical Decision Quality: Building an Ethical Decision Culture.” His exceptional scholarship has garnered prestigious accolades from the National Science Foundation and esteemed organizations including the IEEE Systems journal and the Decision Analysis Society of INFORMS.

Beyond his academic pursuits, Abbas has actively engaged with societal issues, dedicating his time to educate at-risk youth in Juvenile Detention Centers on decision-making skills. Moreover, his collaborations with influential figures such as Ken Fletcher, Vint Cerf, and Eric Horvitz have further solidified his impact on both academic and real-world decision-making processes.

In a recent statement, Abbas expressed his deep commitment to fostering a culture of ethical decision-making worldwide, stating, “Ethical Decision Quality (EDQ) represents a transformative framework designed to enhance the quality of decision-making processes across various sectors. The elements of EDQ – Awareness, Motives, Environment, Reasoning and Rationalization, Information, Cognitive Biases, Alternatives, Well-Being, Trade-Offs and Tolerances, Formulation, and Stakeholders – serve as a crucial checklist to strengthen decision-making processes and promote ethical standards.”

Expanding his vision to a global scale, Abbas has proposed variations of the EDQ framework tailored for various continents, emphasizing the importance of a collective effort towards ethical decision-making. The acronym, which reflects this unified call to action, is envisioned as a guiding principle for diverse communities, fostering an environment where success is achieved through ethical and transparent decision-making practices.

As Abbas passionately asserts, “I invite you to join me in advocating the EDQ framework and its permutations as a global message, fostering a world where ethical decision-making is not only prioritized but serves as the cornerstone for societal progress. Together, we can strive for a future where every decision made contributes positively to the betterment of our global community.”

For more information about Professor Ali Abbas and his pioneering work, please visit http://www.ethicaldecisionquality.com/.

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Ali Abbas is a distinguished faculty member at the University of Southern California, serving as a professor in Industrial and Systems Engineering and holding various appointments within the School of Public Policy. With a focus on decision-making and ethics, Abbas has authored numerous influential publications and collaborated with renowned figures, advocating for the importance of ethical decision-making in both academic and societal spheres.

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