Unveiling the Trailblazer: Big Dru Ignites the Holistic Services Influencer Movement


In a groundbreaking journey from holistic services sales to social media stardom, Andrew Bytz, also known as Big Dru, has emerged as one of the pioneers in turning holistic services into a forefront topic on social platforms. With experience of navigating both realms, Andrew has broken stigmas and fostered a subculture of cannabis influencers that are now some of the most highly paid in the world. Read about his unique story in this post.


The Roots of a Pioneer

Born and raised in the vibrant city of Detroit, Andrew’s story took a transformative turn when he ventured into the cannabis sector. However, as he started to find success cultivating and distributing marijuana, he wanted to do something even more significant, i.e. change perceptions and spark conversations on the subject matter.

In 2016, Andrew made the pivotal move to Hollywood, a decision that would set the stage for a revolution. Armed with a keen understanding of the cannabis industry, he seamlessly blended entrepreneurship with a flair for engaging content creation. This led to him founding RBI Productions, a studio dedicated to creating impactful content that addresses societal issues.


Becoming A Social Media Superstar

Andrew’s ascent into the social media sphere was no luck. Recognizing the power of platforms like Instagram and YouTube, he strategically leveraged his knowledge to bring cannabis to the forefront of digital conversations. This led to him founding Tweaker Hunters, a reality-comedy show addressing the pervasive issue of drug addiction. 

The show sheds light on thousands of drug addicts wandering neighborhood streets, sleeping at parks, loitering at convenience stores, using drugs in public, and causing unpleasant disturbances everywhere. This venture wasn’t just content creation but a call to action. Andrew aimed to expose and, more importantly, stimulate solutions to overlooked problems through humor and stark reality. Thanks to this, their You Tube channel has over 158,000 subscribers who also regularly shop for merch of the channel to express their support.

The Birth of holistic services Influencers

His storytelling prowess and genuine approach resonated with audiences, attracting like-minded individuals eager to join the movement. Andrew’s influence created a subculture of cannabis influencers that began to flourish. Inspired by his authenticity, digital creatives embraced the narrative he pioneered. The movement expanded beyond individual accounts to form a collective voice, challenging stereotypes and advocating for a nuanced perspective on cannabis. 


Balancing Act: Eight Years of Success

From the streets of Los Angeles to the heart of Michigan and Chicago, Andrew’s licensed cannabis distribution is on the brink of expansion. He anticipates new opportunities to shape the industry as federal legalization looms and continues breaking ground.

What sets Andrew apart is his initiation of the movement and his ability to sustain it. Balancing cannabis entrepreneurship with a burgeoning social media presence for eight successful years, he is a testament to resilience and adaptability in a rapidly evolving landscape

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